Yoram Yasur Rubin: Essential micronutrients to include in your diet

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Essential micronutrients to include in your diet

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that, as the name suggests, are ingested in small amounts through certain foods. Like so-called macronutrients, such as carbohydrates and proteins, micronutrients are essential for optimal health. In fact, a deficit of them can cause diseases, as well as aggravate them in many cases.

What are the best micronutrients for a healthy and balanced diet?

Include these 5 micronutrients in your diet and benefit your body with their numerous properties that favor a good quality of life. Remember that taking care of your diet is synonymous with taking care of your health:

– Vitamin D and Calcium

It is well known how necessary calcium is for good bone health. Also, calcium helps greatly in the care of neurotransmitters in the brain, as well as teeth. When there is a lack of calcium in the body, the bones weaken leading to the appearance of injuries and / or breaks. However, calcium must always be accompanied by Vitamin D, since without it the body cannot absorb the necessary calcium. Vitamin D is also very beneficial in reducing the risk of falls or accidents directly associated with muscle weakness and postural instability. Avoiding fractures and bone problems that increase, especially in women, from 60 years of age.

Cheese, seafood, almonds, and chard stand out as rich sources of calcium, as do blue fish, egg yolk, soy milk and rice milk as foods with a high content of Vitamin D, among others.

– Vitamin C

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Vitamin C is another of the essential micronutrients for the body and it is not surprising, since it contributes to healthy skin and regular psychic functions. In other words, it strengthens the immune system and protects the body from oxidative stress. In turn, it is also used as a natural remedy in the treatment of colds and to provide energy naturally. In addition to acting as a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is also a great ally against premature skin aging, among other benefits.

Some of the foods rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits such as lemon or orange, tomato, green and red pepper, or guava.

– Iron

Iron is very important to generate collagen and, in turn, for the function of DNA synthesis. The truth is that iron contributes to the creation of hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen to all cells in the body through red blood cells. A deficit of this micronutrient is associated with iron deficiency anemia, weakness, and constant fatigue, among other health problems. You should know that it is better to accompany iron with Vitamin C, since it increases its favorable absorption in the body.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Iron is found in foods of both animal and plant origin, some examples are meat, fish, eggs, spinach, tofu, and lentils, among other foods.

– Magnesium

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Like calcium, magnesium is one of the ideal micronutrients for strengthening the muscles and keeping the body’s general bone mass in good condition. Magnesium is also successful in reducing fatigue and tiredness, as well as balancing moods. All this, providing energy to the body.

Among the foods with the highest magnesium content in its composition, pumpkin seeds, pure dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, and brown rice stand out.

Include these micronutrients in your diet and gain health!

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