Yoram Yasur Blume: Benefits of magnesium

Yoram Yasur Blume | Magnesium is a very important mineral for our body functions. It is present in all our body, especially in our bones, teeth and hair.

Sometimes, having a deficit of magnesium can cause you symptoms like:

  • feeling stressed
  • cramps
  • muscular pains
  • tiredness and lack of energy.

It is a very important mineral, and is involved in a lot of metabolic processes of our body.

A lot of foods have magnesium, but is very usual that we don´t get the right amount of this important mineral.

So is recommended to take magnesium supplements to get the right amount our body needs.

For example, you can find magnesium in peanuts, nuts, parsley, spinach, almonds, soya, integral rice, dark chocolate, fish, and integral flour.

This great mineral has a lot of benefits for our health. Yoram Yasur Blume will share them with you:

It will keep your stress levels controlled.  Is a natural tranquilizer, it will help you keep your nervous system at its best.

If you want to feel relax and happy, pay attention to the levels of magnesium in your body. It will help you release serotonin, the happy hormone!

So, you can imagine how good it will make you feel!

Magnesium will give you energy! Because our body uses magnesium on its metabolic processes, the ones related with obtaining energy for body functioning.

So, if you are the ones that like to go to the gym, and use your muscular strength on legs and arms, make sure to ingest the correct amount of magnesium.

It will make a big difference in your workout.

It is also very important for strengthen your bones and teeth. That is because magnesium helps the absorption of calcium and other minerals on your bones, and that leads to a healthier and stronger body.

If you have healthy bones, you will be fighting against the appearance of osteoporosis.

And of course, the same thing happens with your teeth, if you have healthy teeth, you will be fighting cavities from the inside.

The correct balance between magnesium and calcium is vital for kidney functioning.

Those two minerals work great together.

Magnesium is also a light laxative, it will help you depurate your body naturally, liberating toxins, is a good ally for detoxing your body, helping you to have a good digestion.

It will also help you have a healthy cardiovascular system.

“After reading this article, are you ready to include a magnesium supplement in your diet? I bet you are!”


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