Yoram Yasur: you are making these mistakes

Yoram Yasur: It does not matter how much exercise you do if you are making these mistakes

If you have been going to the gym for a while, you totally committed to your exercise routine, you have not had a single day of delay, but even so you are not seeing results, you could be committing one of these errors.


The most frequent errors when exercising:

Yoram Yasur: Being extremist when training can prevent you from achieving your goals. Doing too much exercise, not giving yourself breaks and comparing yourself with figures that are very far from yours are just some of the mistakes we all make or commit at some point in going to the gym.


Not having a routine:

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, do not look at what other women who are in perfect shape in the gym do, thinking that one day you’ll look like them. It is better to have a personalized routine, and if a professional can help you put it together, the best. Yoram Yasur: The most advisable thing for the exercise to be effective is to have a program with which to commit yourself; By doing the most effective exercises for your physical level and your goals, you can get results faster.



Yoram Yasur: Expect instant gratification and getting frustrated when it is not achieved is a very human feeling; Instead of getting impatient and losing motivation for the results of the gym, remember that, whatever your goal, you cannot meet overnight, and you must keep going to see results. To deceive yourself a bit and motivate yourself to keep going, set more realistic goals: instead of running a 5K the day after you get off the couch, plan on running for 5 minutes in a row. A few weeks later, try to run 10. With these slight increases you will see a 5K sooner than you imagine.


Do not warm up:

Let’s start with the first. Training your muscles in cold puts you at greater risk of injury; In addition, a good warm-up will prepare you to arrive with energy until the end of your workout. Warming up is as or more important than the rest of your routine. Take at least 10 minutes to do some quick exercises: move your joints, take a quick walk on the treadmill, stretch your muscles and practice the movements in the air that you will do later.


Concentrate on only part of your body:

Yoram Yasur: You may want to start exercising with a goal: to flatten the abdomen, for example. It can also be enlarging the buttocks or strengthen the arms, a routine with exercises focused on that part of the body. What happens after a few months? Your abdomen, your buttocks or your arms will look spectacular, but the rest of your body will still be as weak as when you started.A healthy exercise routine focuses on all areas of your body.

It is also very important a relaxing routine every day, mental health is as important as physical.

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