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Yoram Yasur Blume: If you are having trouble sleeping try these drinks

Yoram Yasur Blume | You lie down, the minutes and hours pass …

And there you are, with your eyes closed trying to at some point you can finally fall asleep. If this is happening to you, try taking these drinks a while before going to bed.

You’ll thank me in the morning …

No.1 Passion Flower Tea:

This soothing herb is used to treat anxiety. A cup of Passion Flower tea four hours before bedtime will allow you to relax and unwind.

No.2 Hop tea:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Do you remember the calm and drowsiness you have after drinking beer? Well, it’s not just about alcohol. This tea has a sedative effect. Forget the beer and try to drink a hop tea for a while before going to bed”.

No.3 Milk:

Surely you’ve heard more than one saying that having a glass of milk before bed is good. The reason that milk is good before bed is because it contains an amino acid called tryptophan. To this amino acid the body makes it into serotonin, the dream hormone!

No.4 Chamomile tea:

If stress does not let you sleep, a chamomile tea every night will help you rest.

“Chamomile tea was always well known for helping to lessen anxiety and calm nerves”.

No.5 Coconut water:

Coconut water is a great source of potassium and magnesium, two ingredients you probably do not have enough if you cannot sleep. Nothing is lost with trying to take it a few hours before going to sleep. Include coconut water in you next meal.


No.6 Wine:

As everyone knows, drinking wine (in moderation) has many benefits for your health. One of them is to help you sleep better. But how? By drinking a glass of wine, the body sets in motion certain metabolic processes that provoke sensations of pleasure and tranquility. So you know, if you want to rest in peace, there’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of wine before going to bed.

No.7 Tequila:

Yes, you are reading right tequila is one more option to improve your sleepless nights. In addition to having digestive effects and lowering bad cholesterol levels. This drink produces relaxing effects on the muscles of the body. Which will help you to reconcile Sleep and rest better.

Remember that you always need a good rest to feel good and energized during the day. So do not take away significance to your problems to fall asleep.

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