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You have to expect the things you want.

This is the most important  that why I moved out from

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Not the things you don’t want.

Let go negative thoughts. Create time for new ideas. Do not let go the positive about life.
If you want to change things in your life, start by changing one thing at a time, and that is yourself. One’s Own Worst Enemy !! That is for sure one of the greatest truth about humanity, like the wonderful philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche mention in one of his most famous books “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” .  It is a necessary path that we have to walk to the self discovery and find that one of the great lies that has been given tu us, is that the human beings are essentially good !! but that is not true !! nothing more far from the reality. Human beings are “good and bad” according with the judeo christian morals, Ying Yang according to eastern philosophy, both parts of the same entity. We have to accept ourselves as we are, with both sides of the same coin, without any guilt, without any regret, and trying to find our own destiny with complete coherence with our behavior and thinking.  That is the real freedom, the one founded by ourselves through the liberation of all the external ties that keep us in our own cells.

There is always good people around you, just look and share with them, this is what live is about. I consider myself as a funny guy, and the smile of my friends never lies, here is a picture so you can see what I mean.
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Do not live in peace. This is important check this yoram yasur post


Enjoy every moment. So I am here now Yoram Yasur:

456 South Ln  Columbus, OH 43206

Respect others and all nature.
Live and let other live.
Happiness is not about goals and material things.
It is something of every day life, habits and actions.

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