Yoram Yasur: Stay fit during a solo trip

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Stay fit during a solo trip

Traveling and exercising is absolutely supported. Going on a trip does not mean eating badly, we can all indulge in a few whims but we must always stay healthy. If you are going to travel alone you should not abandon your daily habits and routines since it is not an excuse to stop being active and fit. So exercising during the trip and following a varied diet will make you feel fulfilled and it will be worth the time you are dedicating to the sport.

Find out what are the techniques to stay healthy and fit during your trip, just what you should know:

– Stay active

Yoram Yasur Rubin: The most important thing to be in an optimal physical state is not to stop moving. Walking is essential either in the city, in the mountains or on the beach. Not for traveling alone and taking a break you have to stay in a pool sunbathing when you can take advantage of the moment to exercise. If your destination is coastal, remember that you can play beach volleyball or kayak, but if you go to the mountains, you can go on an excursion to meditate and develop your body and mind, thus feeling alive and motivated.

– Activate the muscles

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Activating the muscles is essential to keep fit and you can do it anywhere. If you have the opportunity to join a gym during your solo trip, do not miss it. Although if it is not your case, you can always exercise on the street or in your accommodation. Performing a simple and quick routine with your own body of 30 minutes a day is enough to avoid losing physical exercise habits, although you can also help yourself with basic material such as weights, TRX, ropes, dumbbells, or resistance bands.

Another way to activate your muscles during a solo trip is to do yoga. This sport is good for increasing physical strength since postures force several muscles to work at the same time. Yoga can be practiced in any destination park where you are traveling alone: ​​you only need your own body and a quiet place to relax.

– Do an exercise routine

To stay in a healthy state on vacation it is necessary to carry out a weekly exercise routine consisting of three phases:

  • Traction: consisting of pull-ups, pull on the chest and activation exercises of the elbow flexors, biceps and back. In this phase, it is very important to place the hands when grasping the bars, to carry the chest towards it and, above all, to control breathing.
  • Push: Composed of push-ups to activate the chest, arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles and trunk, funds to work triceps, deltoids, chest and biceps, and bench press to activate chest, shoulders, and triceps. With these exercises we will gain strength and physical power.
  • GAP: works the lower trunk.

– Don’t eliminate any food

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Health improves with a healthy diet and exercise, so there are quick and easy foods to eat during a solo trip to avoid losing healthy habits. Eat at the usual time as you would do at home normally and if you do it between meals, remember that there are healthy snacks for athletes. Hydration is essential to avoid losing energy when traveling alone or exercise, as well as vitamins.

Sometimes, despite eating a balanced diet, it is not enough to maintain the ideal line of nutrients that an athlete on vacation needs. To do this, you can resort to taking sports supplements that help shorten recovery time, prevent muscle pain, and enhance physical exercise.

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