Yoram Yasur Rubin: Uses and benefits of a foam roller

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Uses and benefits of a foam roller

You can find it in any gym, or use it to train at home, and it is ideal to gently work the whole muscle. The Foam Roller is a particular roller that helps improve the result of certain exercises while minimizing the risk of injury. If you still don’t know it, when you try it, it will convince you.

A Foam Roller is a cylindrical accessory, usually made of rubber or sturdy foam, with which you can perform a multitude of exercises simply by resting on it the part of the body you want to work and making it roll with a constant and leisurely movement.

How Foam Roller works

Yoram Yasur Rubin: This roller has been designed to withstand the body weight without deforming, while doing a deep massage in the body area that runs. It acts on the fascia, the fibrous membrane of connective tissue that covers the muscles, relieving tension in case of minor injuries such as superficial muscle contractures, seized muscles or presence of the so-called trigger points, small “nodules” that can form in the muscle fibers after intense exercise.

Although compared to the usual injuries among athletes, the Foam Roller gives excellent results, it is not an accessory whose use is limited for therapeutic purposes. On the contrary, it is increasingly common to be used in the training itself, either for specific exercises that improve muscle tone and flexibility, or as an ideal accessory to perform a good warm-up and a good recovery after the session.

What exercises can you do?

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Working with the Foam Roller is simple, although you must know the technique to take advantage of the full potential of this accessory. The roller has to be located right in the muscular area that you want to exercise and, then, you will have to exert enough pressure with your body to notice the action of the Foam Roller as you start the movement. Keep in mind that, by pressing, you are doing a strength exercise, so it is not a massage. The more pressures, the more intense that exercise will be.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Back, buttocks, leg, abdominal muscles… You can use the foam roller as an accessory to strengthen the muscles at home, and with this simple training supplement, you can perform complete routines with which to work the entire body. Among the exercises that you can put into practice in a Foam Rolling session are:

  • Twins. Relieving the tension of the lower leg area and improving its power in addition to gaining muscle mass in the twins is possible with this exercise. Sit with your legs straight and place your feet on the roller, at the level of your ankles. Leaning on the palms of your hands, press the Foam Roller and make it run through your calves until you reach knee height. Repeat, slowly, in reverse.
  • Quadriceps. Lying face down, place the front of the thighs on the curl with your feet crossed. Press and make the Foam Roller roll, from the English to the knees and vice versa.
  • Buttocks. Get your legs and buttocks defined by sitting on the Foam Roller with your knees bent, moving forward and backward while exerting pressure with your buttocks.
  • Side iron Try this “classic” strength exercise but resting your feet (one on top of the other) on the cylinder. Try to get it to your knees and then, make it roll down again.
  • Back. Lying on your back with your legs bent, place the accessory at the level of the lower back and move slowly making the Foam Roller advance to reach the upper back area.

Benefits of training with the Foam Roller

Yoram Yasur Rubin: The exercises that we have indicated to you are only a small sample of all that you can include in a Foam Rolling session, for which you opt every time a greater number of athletes given the multiple advantages offered by this small accessory. Some of them are:

  • The Foam Roller allows you to train gently, resulting in a beneficial complement especially if there are minor injuries that affect muscles and joints.
  • Its use improves the overall functioning of the circulatory system, also favoring the elasticity of the entire body.
  • It can help correct mobility problems by improving the balance and stability of the core.
  • Reduce stress
  • It is a very economical training accessory that you can also use in the gym or at home.

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