Currently, one of the problems that affects us the most is overweight. Therefore, many live on a constant diet to maintain the ideal weight. Yoram Yasur Rubin: Many people say that focusing on protein consumption helps to lose weight quickly and without rebound effect, that is, the results are lasting. In addition to losing weight, using a protein-based diet helps to acquire muscle mass, which in turn helps to burn fat in the body, tone and strengthen muscles.

It also provides you with other advantages, some of them are:

It is easy to perform.

  • It can be used on a daily basis.
  • It has a satiating effect.
  • The results can be evidenced quickly.
  • It avoids counting the calories consumed.
  • There is no risk of having the rebound effect.
  • Activate the metabolism for a greater amount of time.
  • Calories burn faster.
  • Loss of muscle mass is avoided, on the contrary it increases.
  • Body fat burns faster.

Thanks to eating a diet rich in protein helps keep you satiated longer, eat less and can reduce carbohydrate intake. Yoram Yasur Rubin: One of the most obvious advantages is that the process of assimilation of proteins is much slower than that of other nutrients, so the metabolism remains active for longer. This facilitates the loss of kilos more quickly. If you really want to have more efficient results, you must accompany this diet with an intense exercise routine. In this way you lose weight while toning the muscles. However, it is also advisable to consume lots of carbohydrates, as they provide clean energy to the body and its digestion produces less waste.

What are proteins?

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Proteins are characterized by being an organic set of nitrogen compounds. These are frequently found in cells; whose function is to control the body’s performance. On the other hand, proteins help to catalyze enzymes, since they form peptide hormones, as well as antibodies, which serve to protect the body from microorganisms.

Likewise, these antibodies are transported in our blood with the intention of carrying oxygen and gases so that cells can form and nourish. In this way, proteins can maintain the tissues, muscle mass and fluids that the body generates. They also help keep the metabolism running so excess fat is removed.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Proteins can be ingested through foods of animal origin, such as: fish, poultry, meat and dairy products. They are also found in products of plant origin such as: soybeans, legumes, nuts, cereals, mushrooms, among others. Yoram Yasur Rubin: The body naturally takes care of digesting proteins and obtaining all the benefits they provide. On the other hand, the different proteins (animal or vegetable) fulfill the same functions in the organism, provide energy, contribute to the formation of muscle mass and help to lose those extra kilos. This allows you to make a combination of the proteins in the same meal.

So now that you understand better what proteins are and their benefit for losing weight, are you going to start eating more?

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