Yoram Yasur: Most used drugs

Yoram Yasur: Most used drugs in the world

One of the most important problems worldwide is the consumption of drugs, which not only harm the people who use them, but in some cases can lead to an increase in crime, greater violence, and danger. There is not a country that is free of them, and now a days most of the countries are fighting a war against the traffic of some of them, while some others are trying to change their reforms about them. Today we are going to tell you what the most used drugs in the world are.

– Amphetamines:

Yoram Yasur: Amphetamines, in their different varieties, have a high consumption rate throughout the world. They are not only found in illegal drugs, but also in medicines for a series of diseases of the nervous system, including attention deficit in children.

– Cocaine:

This drug, highly addictive and very harmful, is the fifth most consumed worldwide. Cocaine is also one of the most trafficked and trafficking is accompanied by corruption, violence, and danger.

– MDMA or Molly:

Yoram Yasur:  Popularly known as Molly, MDMA is a synthetic version of ecstasy that has become very fashionable. While there is a belief that it is a safe drug, there are more and more cases of people suffering health problems due to its consumption, in addition to being highly addictive.

– Energy drinks with caffeine:

Yoram Yasur:  Energy drinks are legal, but their consumption is quite controversial, because their high levels of caffeine and other elements can cause health problems. Also, there are many people who mix them with alcohol, which leads to dangerous effects, including intoxication and, in some cases, death.

– Cannabis Sativa:

The cannabis sativa, better known as marijuana, is consumed mainly by smoking, it has a fundamentally recreational use. Of course, this drug also has positive effects on health and is considered a valid alternative in the treatment of various diseases.

– Tobacco:

It is a legal drug, but it does not stop being harmful and very addictive: Yoram Yasur:  Tobacco, in its different forms, is the drug most consumed in the world and its effects reach smokers and non-smokers alike.

– Alcohol:

Controversy, especially because it must be of the legal substances that create greater dependence and, nevertheless, is one of the most accepted by society. However, drinking alcohol can be a real problem.

Those are some of the most used drugs in the world. What opinion do you deserve the list?

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