Yoram Yasur Blume talks about intimate hygiene mistakes

Yoram Yasur Blume : If I asked you if you had proper hygiene, what would you say? Surely you would affirm without hesitation. Sure, it’s logical to think that you learned how to wash and take care of your vagina from a very young age. However, you will be surprised to know that you could be doing some things wrong. Keep reading this interesting article written by Yoram yasur Blume about it.

I talked with a gynecologist and gynecological laparoscopic surgeon to know the errors of intimate hygiene that many women still commit. Check below what they are and above all find out if you are doing them too.

# 1 Washing or cleaning you in the wrong direction:

If you are one of the girls who usually clean or wash the vulvar area from the back (from the anus) forward, you are making a mistake that increases the risk of bacteria entering your vagina and may develop an annoying infection. Yoram yasur Blume: “The recommendation is that every time you clean and wash it from the vagina to the area of the anus, just from the outside and smooth”.

# 2 Using an inappropriate soap:

Using a scented soap, with a lot of smell or color can alter the pH of your vagina (which must be between 4.5 to 5), which can cause you to feel itchy and to dry out the skin of your vulvar area. To avoid these discomfort, it is best that you choose to use an intimate soap or shampoo that contains a neutral pH or acid to wash your vagina.

# 3 Not changing your sanitary pad or tampon in time:

Using a sanitary towel or tampon for hours, either because you cannot go to a bathroom or because it is “not very stained and still good,” is a wrong practice. In doing so you favor that the accumulated humidity makes reproduce more quickly to the bacteria causing infections. According to Yoram yasur Blume, the correct thing is that you change every 4 to 6 hours a sanitary towel, and every 8 a tampon. To keep your vagina free of bacteria and feel fresh you can clean the area periodically with a wet wipe.

# 4 Wearing inappropriate underwear

The underwear of materials such as lace, lyre, polyester, silk, among others, in addition to the very tight, usually causes the vulvar area cannot be ventilated, that moisture remains in the vagina and therefore suffers from problems such as inflammation. Cotton is the best material you can choose in your underwear, because this allows the area to be drier (does not keep as much moisture) and to ventilate.

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