Yoram Yasur Blume writes about Benefits of couple’s therapy

Yoram Yasur:

Love, happiness, but also incomprehension and rage, couple life is often compared to a great adventure. Are you going through a difficult time? Yoram Yasur Blume: “Couple therapy could be a very effective help”.

  • Couple therapy, when and how?

The beginning of a love story is usually simple. Smiles, accompanied by beautiful words, happiness can be breathed. At this stage, there are no worries of any kind. But over time, discovering and getting to know the couple more and more, the situation gets complicated. Defects are revealed and incomprehension sets in.

Disputes are more frequent, tensions are almost permanent. Sharing is not done so easily, as is listening to the other. Communication seems to be saturated. Couple therapy can then come into play and bring order to all this confusion. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Resorting to a therapy allows the communication to arise again, and perhaps solve the misunderstandings”.

  • The operation of the couple therapy:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “The goal of couple therapy is to provide a solution to the problems of the spouses. At first, it will try to discover the real causes of conflicts, and then, once the points of friction have been placed, solutions by the therapist are offered. The most common problems are family, professional, financial, or cultural”.

It can also deal with changes such as the arrival of a baby, or the evolution of one of the partners to any type of state. The simplest reason can sometimes be the greatest incompatibility in terms of character, which can engender important communication problems. In this way, couple therapy can teach you to discover these factors and so clarify each situation. The therapist, by not being committed to the couple in question, can offer objective solutions.

Once it has been decided to go to therapy together, the question of how to choose a therapist remains to be solved. In this case, it is not always a question of diplomas, of experiences, or of advice from friends or relatives. It is above all a matter of trust. Couples therapy can only succeed if there is a shared sense of security. The couple will have to feel comfortable and comfortable in each session, so that nothing is hidden.

By way of conclusion, it should be noted that if a couple manages to overcome their problems with the help of a therapist, it does not have to work with another couple. It is also possible for the therapist to fit one partner, but not the other. But in this case, the therapy will not work, since as its name indicates, the therapy of couple is of the couple in full.

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