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Yoram Yasur Blume: 8 effective weight loss tricks you underestimated but should incorporate in your life

Yoram Yasur Blume | Large weight loss rules are known by all and don’t hide any secret: eat less and move more. However, these two terms are somewhat abstract when we want effective results in long term. That’s why retailers need to get more specific if you also want to lose weight to be healthy and look good. Are specialists who often know these tricks through scientific research?

More power and less resistance:

If in addition to lose weight you want to strengthen your muscles. And maintain the desired weight is important not to concentrate on the cardio.

With strength exercises you give them more volume to your muscles and thus will accelerate your metabolism. Since the greater your muscles volume.

The more calories you burn, even after you finish exercising.

Focus on the ritual:

According to a study by the University of Illinois; people tend to eat more when they are not focused on that. Today we have a lot of distractions such as TV, cellphones…

Even outside noise can affect us. But if you start to pay more attention when you eat you will be less likely to eat more of the account.

The trick of the soup:

It is estimated that if you eat a cup of vegetable soup before your main course. You could cut up to 250 calories.

Thanks to the soup your stomach won´t be as hungry.

Yes, it is essential that you only have vegetable soup and water because otherwise the trick will not work.

Goodbye, fork!

Maybe cutting a piece of meat with chopsticks is not the most comfortable thing. But in cases where you permitted food is recommended that you use this curious oriental tool.

“When replacing the fork, you will eat slower and therefore you’ll enjoy your meal and feel satisfied sooner”.

Standard breakfast:

Instead of deciding what to eat every morning.

Save all that mental work and standardizes a breakfast that you like and provides all the necessary nutrients.

This is also very positive because you will not be so aware of choosing what you eat.

And what not to lose weight love-all options but sometimes they can be boring.

Fiber, fiber and more fiber:

It’s time to forget the false belief that foods such as lentils and oats can fatten. The fact that its calorie content is high does not mean you cannot eat them.

On the contrary, you must. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Foods rich in fiber will allow you to feel satiated longer and avoid foods you eat that are unhealthy”.

Colorful dishes:

The more color you have in your plate, the more nutrients and vitamins it will provide.  In addition, a study by the University Cornwell showed that a plate with colorful foods increased the appetite and is more attractive than one with few colors. ¡Let´s give more color to our meals!

Eat out but eating at other homes:

One study found that people who cook at home 7 times a week maintain a fuller. And better food than those who go out to eat frequently. This is because they have more control over what they eat and what they don’t. There is not need to go out, when you can do it at home.


Although artificial sweeteners are zero calories. They have a counterproductive effect on your body to make you believe that you received sugar.

Sooner or later you need to satisfy those cravings and to compensate for everything you have endured you will eat up to three times.

You can opt for natural sweeteners such as stevia or honey and, of course, eat sweets every so.

Now if you want your efforts to be effective. You cannot lose sight that losing weight means eating fewer calories than we burn.

Incorporate these habits and see your results will be more immediate and lasting.

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