Yoram Yasur Blume: will explain why, a detox can restart your body and metabolism

Yoram Yasur Blume | It will also boost your immune system, and you will feel lighter, healthier and with more energy than ever.

When I talk about detox, is not just about food. Is about everything that contaminates you in your life:

  • food
  • people
  • situations
  • negativity
  • bad energy
  • problems
  • stress
  • guilty feelings
  • hate
  • worries

Going to a massage will help you release tension and stress, those two elements are very toxic for your body and mind, and can even make you sick and make you develop some diseases.

A massage will make you detox your skin, will increase circulation in your body, will make you feel relaxed, will clear your mind, and will boost your immune system.

Yes, I know it sounds incredible, but is very therapeutic. If you adopt this activity as part of your life. And your routine for a healthier life style, you will feel the difference in your mood and health.

It is amazing!

If you are a fan of warm baths, like me, you can improve the benefits of it.

Just take a bunch of eucalypts leaves and put them inside the tub. The warm air will make eucalypt essence release all its benefits and it will help you clear your respiratory ways and nose.

You will feel great! Is very useful for treating flu or nasal congestion. Is also great for sore muscles and headaches.

Drinking natural herbal teas is very good for your body. If you can change your coffee consumption for tea, as  Yoram Yasur Blume did.

It is a great way of increasing your immune system and having a healthy habit.

You can find so many different kinds of teas that you will be amazed.

Choose the flavor you like most and start drinking tea right now. If you can include green tea in your day, you will be even healthier.

Green tea is a power food, and will make your body feel great, and is very delicious.

I love to drink green tea every day, three cups per day is a nice amount of this incredible drink.

You can use organic honey to add sweetness to it, but if you can adjust your taste to drink it plain, without added sugar, is even better.

Is all about habits…

Start by adding just one teaspoon of honey, instead of the usual two. Then, try adding just half a teaspoon….

Then just a quarter of teaspoon… you will see how your taste begins to get used to less sweet flavors.

Trust me, at the end you will prefer drinking tea without any kind of sugar or honey.

You will get used to the flavor.

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