Yoram Yasur Blume: Health symptoms on our lips

Yoram Yasur Blume | The condition of our lips is often a great snitch that can tell us a lot about our health, although we are not always (or sometimes never) aware of it.

When we feel something bad in our lips we usually don’t pay attention and just think of it as something small.

When in reality it could be a sign that our body is suffering from something bigger on the inside.

We will speak about some of the symptoms your lips might show that you should pay attention to.

When we have dry lips, our first reaction is to use a good balm or chap stick we apply every 30 seconds. Some girls even go for the option of applying lipstick.

However, having dry lips is a sure sign of dehydration. So instead of using an entire chap stick we should drink up a glass of water.

And, above all, not to pass our tongue or bite out lips at all hours. Because all saliva does is dry them even more.

If you ever went through a time when you noticed that your lips were discolored, know that tobacco may be one of the main causes.

However, if you do not smoke or discoloration persists is best to consult with your doctor as it may be due to problems with the liver.

Before reaching the discoloration, is more probable that we notice that our lips are pale.

This is probably because we are bookworms or we do not like to be outdoors.

So what a great excuse to go outside and grab a little color!

When we have irritated corners it may be due to an allergic reaction.

And if they are too irritated maybe it’s something as simple as an allergy to a lipstick or a toothpaste.

The pupae are a physical reaction to herpes, but do not panic. Because they can be treated through those patches, creams or medicines sold in pharmacies.

If pupae appear you should avoid getting sun and use a sunscreen.

If you lips are swollen. And you feel as if they burn or that your tongue inflates it is a definite sign of an allergy.

In these cases it is best to go to the emergency room because it could be the reaction to food or anything else with whom you had contact with.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Now that you know some of the things your lips might try to tell you. Next time you can treat the problem from the root!”


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