Yoram Yasur Blume: Tell me what fruits you have at home and I’ll tell you what benefits you will bring to your beauty

Yoram Yasur Blume | Do you know why your mother always said you have to eat fruits? Besides helping your body, fruits will help you have a beautiful and healthy skin.

And it is that beyond genetics, food is an inexhaustible source of benefits for the care of our bodies.

Knowing their properties can help you create a healthy and balanced diet. Tailored to the needs of your skin.

Want to know more about the fruits you eat?

Read and find the one that best fits your skin type or the ones that will bring more benefits and begin to take care of yourself!

No. 5 Tropical Fruits:
There is no excuse. Tropical fruits are of diverse cultures (pineapple, kiwi, papaya …)

And high in vitamin C will help keeping you free of radicals at bay, besides being a potent antioxidant and promote collagen production.

No. 4 Currant:
Rich in vitamin A, is another fruit that helps collagen production, ideal for maintaining a smooth and elastic skin. It is best taken in the morning and in the form of juice.

No. 3 Strawberries:
Not only they are an indispensable fruit of a romantic scene in any film that has won a price, they are also a powerful tool for skin care.

Take a handful of strawberries or apply them mixed with yogurt and a honey mask, and before it is too long, you’ll notice as its abundance of antioxidants and their properties as natural bleach, works miracles on your skin.

No. 2 Lemon:
“Although it may seem otherwise, lemon is a fruit that can restore the shine to your skin.

Its high vitamin C content makes it ideal for combating fatigue skin to acne, black spots or scars”. You just take it first thing in the morning and with warm water mixed with a little honey and see the results.

No.1 Apples:

You want to avoid the most of the aging of your skin? Do not wait more. Put a daily apple in your diet and you will soon see results.

As many of you have already mentioned, the apple is rich in vitamin C and consumption will stop the deterioration over time can cause skin. You can eat it as a food more but it is also possible to apply the juice as a mask, a natural remedy full of benefits for your skin.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “If you want a healthy and full of shine skin you know, fruit is your best ally to achieve this. Add to your diet the appropriate amount, combine it with vegetables and get ready to show off some pretty skin”.

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