Yasur chronic fatigue

Yoram Yasur Blume: Signs that you suffer from chronic fatigue

Yoram Yasur Blume | Look around you, what do you see: energetic and cheerful people, or exhausted and boring things? The probability dictates that you went for the second option. And I bet you’re feeling more tired than you would like.

We agree: our lifestyle does not help much…

But it is important to be careful, because your fatigue may have become chronic.

Look, these are the signs that this has happened…

# 1 You never wake up naturally:

People who tend to wake up themselves spontaneously are well rested.

If you always wake up to the alarm you probably have not slept the hours needed to wake up rested.

# 2 You feel tired upon waking:

You might have laziness attack after awakening, but this should disappear after a few minutes.
“Now if you drag it all day, it is possible that more than laziness, you are tormenting chronic fatigue”.

# 3 You escape from exercise:

Investing energy in exercise will be almost impossible.

So whenever you have to run from it you do and if by some chance of existence, you end up doing it is from the absolute lack of motivation.

# 4 Dependent of energizers:

You can not go a day without sugar or coffee?

You can, and then you’re looking at these energy elements that you are missing constantly.

# 5 You fantasies with naps:

Your biggest dream? Resting your head on the pillow, tuck your favorite blanket and break the record for the longest nap!

Well, yes: this is another possible sign that you have chronic fatigue.

Yasur chronic fatigue

# 6 You avoid making plans or cancel at the last minute:

Each time there is a scheduled event, in your group of friends you are already mentally prepared to send that message at the last moment saying “things got complicated I cant.”

And you do not remember when was the last time you shared a good time with your friends.

# 7 Others notice your tiredness:

“Do you feel good?” “Are you sick?” This is the kind of phrases you are devoting living and already got bored of hearing that every day.

Translation? You’re tired and it shows.

# 8 Your sex life suffers:

Sex seems unattractive compared with a bed and a nice pillow…

# 9 You feel anxious or depressed:

Who likes to feel tired? No one, clearly.

Therefore, if 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are spend in this state, it is no wonder that you feel anxious or depressed.

# 10 You’re not singing your song:

We all have our favorite song – yes, that we can not stop singing in the shower.

Yoram Yasur Blume:

“But when fatigue takes a hold of us, that beautiful song does not sound in our head.”

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