Yoram Yasur Blume: Cell therapy

Yoram Yasur Blume | Do you want to regain lost glory in recent years and look with a perfect and radiant complexion as the first day?

Cell therapy is presented as an effective solution within facial rejuvenation treatments.

Improving texture, touch, tone, color, brightness and luminosity of the skin are some of the results that can be achieved.

This with especially revolutionary facials and increasingly demanded in the aesthetics centers such as the cell therapy.

This method has the main purpose to:

Transplant the cells of your own body or from a donor to rejuvenate the skin of the face or body and repair damage to the skin.

Thus, cells have been transplanted to enhance collagen production in order to restore the skin structure.

Fibroblasts, responsible for the formation of the mentioned protein. Will be collected in a laboratory to finally be injected into the damaged area. And even increase collagen production in the necessary area.

Also known for treating scars, burns or wounds that have left their mark on the skin. This method is effective to encourage skin regeneration.

ReCell, Vavelta and MyCells are the three most used in the field of cell therapy methods.

The results have been tested and have proved satisfactory for customers.

Through cell therapy you have the ability to repair and rejuvenate the skin areas that have been damaged over the years. Making it perfect for those who want to improve their appearance against the signs of aging.

Like wrinkles, lines or other unsightly signs such as scars or burns already mentioned.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Before performing the treatment, you have to talk to your specialist doctor that can advise you about this. Thus, to also know your history, your provider may determine whether the treatment is really effective for you as a patient”.

Once you have undergone the treatment…

The skin may have some redness, small bruises or swelling. However, the treated area will end up healing and changing over a period of weeks to months. In this way, you can check with your own eyes how the tone. And texture of the skin improve significantly as the implanted cells grow.

The day after the treatment you can return to your daily tasks without complications of any kind.

“You must bear in mind that cell therapy is accompanied by just a few side effects considered serious. Except the cases described in previous lines or reactions that may manifest with respect to anesthesia administered”.

Remember that it should be the specialist who determines which is most suitable facial for each individual.



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