Yoram Yasur Blume: The best breakfasts for people with zinc deficiency

Yoram Yasur Blume | Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. From it we take most of the energy we need in the day and so it is essential that every day we take time to eat a good, healthy and complete breakfast.

As I always say, nothing better to a health problem that visiting your trusted doctor.

However, I have some tips that may help you if you need to add zinc to your daily diet and do not know how or where to start. It is simple, start by looking at this list of the best foods to incorporate high levels of zinc at breakfast and presto!

First of all … what is zinc?
This is a super important mineral to keep our bodies healthy. It is essential for the immune system to maintain high defenses and not fall ill with any virus that is in the ambient. What is important to include in the daily menu? Because the human body is unable to produce zinc, it must be consumed through foods such as meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. So here are my recommendations for breakfast full of zinc!

# 7 Almond or nut butter:

It contains about 0.53 mg of zinc per tablespoon. At breakfast, you can spread it on whole grain bread and increase the level of this mineral, because with each slice you will duplicate the quantities.

# 6 Milk:
It is a basic breakfast not only during childhood but also throughout life, as evidenced by its content of vitamins A and D, and 1.17 mg of zinc that contributes to your body.

# 5 Oatmeal:
“It is a perfect food for breakfast with more than 2.34 mg of zinc you can accompany with fruits like raisins, blackberries, raspberries or bananas”.

# 4 Black chocolate and cocoa powder:
You know that 100 grams of chocolate (no sugar added) contains 10 mg of zinc?

So prepare any recipe for breakfast with these ingredients and improve your health with something delicious.

# 3 Yogurt:
Besides being a rich, healthy and with more than 2 mg of zinc per cup is perfect to start the day with all the energy and accompany it with some fruits. Almonds or cereals. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Combine any breakfast with yogurt and almonds, for example, natural orange juice.

This will help assimilate better and faster the zinc”.

# 2 Bacon:
With its 0.82 mg of zinc, it is ideal for combining with scrambled eggs (another strong breakfast for the immune system containing 0.52 mg of zinc).

# 1 Wheat germ:

Look for that in the form of cereals and coming soon to eat and enjoy it at breakfast.

This food provides about 18.84 mg of zinc.

These foods combined together in healthy recipes for breakfast are the best option to incorporate the right amount of zinc in our body.

Also, you do not need too, with about 15 to 20 mg per day the immune system goes perfectly healthy!

I repeat what I said at first. This is not intended as medical analysis or anything like that.

These are only recommendations about the foods highest in zinc that will help you prepare a healthy breakfast, especially if it is for people with deficient zinc levels.

Take note of this list and begins to incorporate the food little by little to start a more energetic day try it!

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