Yoram Yasur Blume: Bad eating habits

Yoram Yasur Blume | Many of us develop bad eating habits that harm our well-being. They are things we do often without realizing it. So here we tell you about these common mistakes so you can avoid them and they don’t affect your health.

Picking without stopping (even if you are not hungry):

If you lose touch with hunger signals and natural satisfaction of your body can lead to overeating and gaining some unhealthy extra pounds.

Becoming obsessed with diet:

Many dieters strive to reduce their food to a few (and often expensive) dietary items, unaware that one of the foundations of any healthy diet is variety.

Skipping breakfast:

The rush to get to work on time, is one of the most common excuses for skipping breakfast. Endocrine and dietitians get tired of repeating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“Not only it gives us energy for the long day, but also prevents us from going hungry to get food.”

Eating before bedtime:

If you want to sleep well, avoid eating just before bedtime. Eating just before going to bed can reduce the quality and duration of sleep. Eating fatty foods before bedtime slows down the stomach emptying, exacerbating indigestion, while spicy foods can cause heartburn and indigestion.

Using artificial sweeteners:

Recent studies have associated the use and abuse of artificial sweeteners with diseases such as obesity and type II diabetes, just the same problems that sugar is associated with.

Not drinking enough water:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Do we need to repeat that we are in most par water and that is vitally important to stay hydrated?”

Planning bad meals:

Time is one of the biggest barriers to healthy eating, but last minute decisions often lead to rapid (and unhealthy) food. Taking a few minutes to plan weekly meals saves us money, calories and time.

Drinking too much alcohol:

Women who regularly consume two or more alcoholic drinks a day. And men who take three or more daily, are at increased risk of liver damage, developing several types of cancer, including liver and mouth, increased high blood pressure, and can suffer depression.

Eating alone: 

Sharing the table with family or friends helps us eat better. The reasons are several, including psychological.

For example, we cook healthier when done for others than for oneself (you can go use something pre-cooked, but if you want to treat your guests surely a good dish is the best option).

Using too much salt:

Doctors agree that we eat more salt than we need. This excess increases the risk of heart disease. Salt gives flavor, but we could reduce its need if we cooked with fresh ingredients, which keep their qualities and also using herbs and spices.

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