Yoram Yasur Blume: The best advices for eating healthy

Yoram Yasur Blume | Stop using food as a reward. When you are on a diet, is very common that you go to an appointment with your nutritional, and after receiving the wonderful news….

Yes, you dropped five pounds!

What do you do, after receiving that incredible and amazing news?

You run to a fast food restaurant and buy a big ice cream, with whipped cream and extra toppings!

Have you done that before?

That is exactly the kind of habits you should break is you want to have a healthy diet…

Don’t use food as a reward. You will be throwing a hole week of strict dieting, because you want to celebrate the dropping pounds.

I am not saying you shouldn´t celebrate and nourish yourself. Of course you should. But there are some other ways of doing it.

For example, go to a spa day, take a relaxing massage session, enjoy the Jacuzzi, go to a sauna. That is a great way of nourishing your body and of celebrating your goals.

“Remember that is not about dieting, is about adopting a healthy lifestyle”.

So you can make big differences in your life and of course in your weight if you start doing little simple changes in your everyday life.

For example:

  • avoid eating junk food
  • prefer salads
  • don’t eat after eight pm
  • take a walk instead of the bus
  • exercise five days per week
  • choose diet beverages over regular soda
  • avoid eating sugars and starches.

I am sure that if you make at least a couple of those changes in your everyday routine, you will begin to feel changes right away.

Eat probiotics to keep a healthy digestive system.

Experts recommend practice a combination of cardiovascular exercises, alternating with weight lifting and strength training.

That will make your muscles become stronger and to develop better. Remember that having more muscles will make you burn more calories.

Find the physical activity that you enjoy most and adopt it as part of our routine. For me, Yoram Yasur Blume, that activity is running.

Avoid buying snacks like chips, cookies, pastry, sugars when you go to the supermarket. Don´t even buy them, because if you have it at home it will be a big temptation.

Avoid temptations, instead, buy healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, veggies.

The best you can do is to have healthy options at home, so if you open your fridge, you will only find healthy options to eat and snack.

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