Yoram Yasur Blume: 10 good reasons use ginger

Yoram Yasur Blume: 10 good reasons to use ginger

Ginger has a delicate aroma and a very special flavor, which works as a great seasoning for different types of foods, infusions and drinks. However, beyond its multiple culinary uses, this root has many medicinal properties that favor our health. many ways. Yoram Yasur Blume: For this reason, including ginger in your diet is a great way to take care of your health. Here we give you 10 reasons to do it.

  1. It is rich in nutrients: ginger provides different essential nutrients and essential for the proper functioning of our body.
  2. It is digestive: increases the production of enzymes that help and promote the process of digestion.
  3. It is good for the intestine: thanks to its antibacterial qualities it is effective in a great variety of intestinal problems, which are produced by alterations of the intestinal flora.
  4. Excellent for the heart: contains magnesium and zinc, so it helps promote and improve blood circulation. It also has properties that inhibit the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the liver, preventing cardiovascular problems.
  5. It is anti-inflammatory: it helps to treat and alleviate respiratory diseases, digestive affections and osteoarthritis.
  6. Natural analgesic: very useful to relieve pain caused by inflammatory diseases and menstrual pain.
  7. Help cure flu, colds and cough: a ginger tea with lemon helps reduce nasal congestion and reduce fever completely naturally.
  8. Strengthens the immune system: Yoram Yasur Blume: regular consumption of ginger strengthens the immune system and maintains strong body defenses.
  9. Help to lose weight: as it helps absorb nutrients from food, accelerates your metabolism so that it facilitates weight loss and potentiates the burning of fats.
  10. Calms nausea: Yoram Yasur Blume: consume a little of the root and you will have an effective remedy against nausea.

How to consume ginger to take advantage of its properties

Yoram Yasur Blume: The root or underground stem of the ginger plant can be consumed fresh, powdered, as a spice, in the form of an oil or as a juice. For consumption in the meals is available fresh and dry, such as ginger extract and ginger oil, is found in capsules and pills.

Infusion or tea

Boil a liter of water and when it boils, add a piece of fresh ginger root. Let stand 5 minutes, then you must strain and sweeten to taste.

In the food

Yoram Yasur Blume: Ginger powder is a great seasoning and flavoring and you can use it in sauces, soups, baked goods, drinks and even desserts.

Oil or capsules

The concentration of the oil is very strong, so the oil is very pure. The right thing to do is to take 5 to 9 droplets a day spread over three shots. In the capsules depends on the composition, but it is usual to ingest it every 8 hours for a certain period of time.


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