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Yoram Yasur Blume: What is anxiety?

Yoram Yasur Blume | We hear a lot about anxiety, but we really know what this disorder is all about? Per the experts. Anxiety is an inherent condition of the human being that is generated in situations that are considered as a threat.

Situations that affect us in our lives and that can make us win or lose something depending on how we face them.

The threats that everyone feels as such are internalized in a different way by each of us. And this will depend on whether anxiety is a problem that affects us or not.

In addition to other factors.

Threats can be produced either by external facts, that is, tangible elements. Or by facts that the individual generates by own thoughts, feelings. Personal impressions, etc.

There are many elements that can make us feel these threats:

Illness, personal circumstances, for example, being unemployed, not having a well-defined future…

Generally try to avoid the dangers we think we are exposed.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. The first is also a normal reaction of the organism, given certain situations that may affect us. It is a mechanism that the body must react, however, the problem arises when it cannot be controlled. Transforming itself into that overwhelmed anxiety that becomes a health problem that is necessary to treat”.

When we have crossed the limits, it is time to start acting. Because we will be affected all areas of our lives, personal or work relationships. And in general, our wellbeing will be truncated because from that moment the steps we gave in life will be conditioned by that anxiety.

There are different degrees of affectation. In fact among the aspects that the specialist should assess is what degree of incapacitation this state provides. Because depending on it and the suffering they generate in the affected one should be taken measures or others.

“In a society like the present, where the superficial has so much value. And where the pace of life demands too high goals. It is not surprising that cases of anxiety are increasing”. However, we can take steps to prevent us from being affected by this disorder. Taking life in another way is undoubtedly the key.

But if that step is difficult for us to do

We can turn to a specialist to guide us. Or even to alternatives that, without causing us harm, will help us to calm down.

Within these measures, we can go to Sedatif, a homeopathic medicine, which as such lacks side effects. Does not cause dependence and is indicated in anxiety disorders and problems associated with sleep. Experts say that homeopathy is effective for these disorders. Because it considers the individual not only remains in the symptoms.

The homeopath physician always analyzes the patient as an individual. But evaluating his illness in a global way, hence its usefulness. Also in a disorder such as anxiety.

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