Yoram Yasur Blume: germinates seeds for health

Yoram Yasur Blume: Properties of germinates seeds for health Each seed has in itself everything necessary to make a plant or a tree. Germinated grains or sprouts are condensed from life, natural vitamin complexes. The germination transforms the grain, whose nutritional value is thus naturally multiplied. Germinated grains are preferable to dried grains. That is,

Yoram Yasur Blume: Fatty acids and sports

Yoram Yasur Blume: Fatty acids and sports When we talk about fatty acids, we must inevitably talk about fats. Although initially associated with an unbalanced and unhealthy diet, it should be noted that within this concept there are some structural components of various tissues, cell membranes and blood lipoproteins that are essential for life. Yoram

Yoram Yasur Blume: relieve muscular fatigue

Yoram Yasur Blume: How to relieve muscular fatigue Muscle fatigue is the inability to continue physical activity, as a result of extreme exhaustion of muscle fibers, due to intense physical training and high performance. Muscle damage limits muscle performance, decreasing strength, peak power, and speed. This condition is very common in professionals and sports lovers,