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Yoram Yasur Blume: What is anxiety?

Yoram Yasur Blume | We hear a lot about anxiety, but we really know what this disorder is all about? Per the experts. Anxiety is an inherent condition of the human being that is generated in situations that are considered as a threat.

Situations that affect us in our lives and that can make us win or lose something depending on how we face them.

The threats that everyone feels as such are internalized in a different way by each of us. And this will depend on whether anxiety is a problem that affects us or not.

In addition to other factors.

Threats can be produced either by external facts, that is, tangible elements. Or by facts that the individual generates by own thoughts, feelings. Personal impressions, etc.

There are many elements that can make us feel these threats:

Illness, personal circumstances, for example, being unemployed, not having a well-defined future…

Generally try to avoid the dangers we think we are exposed.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. The first is also a normal reaction of the organism, given certain situations that may affect us. It is a mechanism that the body must react, however, the problem arises when it cannot be controlled. Transforming itself into that overwhelmed anxiety that becomes a health problem that is necessary to treat”.

When we have crossed the limits, it is time to start acting. Because we will be affected all areas of our lives, personal or work relationships. And in general, our wellbeing will be truncated because from that moment the steps we gave in life will be conditioned by that anxiety.

There are different degrees of affectation. In fact among the aspects that the specialist should assess is what degree of incapacitation this state provides. Because depending on it and the suffering they generate in the affected one should be taken measures or others.

“In a society like the present, where the superficial has so much value. And where the pace of life demands too high goals. It is not surprising that cases of anxiety are increasing”. However, we can take steps to prevent us from being affected by this disorder. Taking life in another way is undoubtedly the key.

But if that step is difficult for us to do

We can turn to a specialist to guide us. Or even to alternatives that, without causing us harm, will help us to calm down.

Within these measures, we can go to Sedatif, a homeopathic medicine, which as such lacks side effects. Does not cause dependence and is indicated in anxiety disorders and problems associated with sleep. Experts say that homeopathy is effective for these disorders. Because it considers the individual not only remains in the symptoms.

The homeopath physician always analyzes the patient as an individual. But evaluating his illness in a global way, hence its usefulness. Also in a disorder such as anxiety.

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Yoram Yasur Blume: Taking care of these foods, you will lose weight more easily

Yoram Yasur Blume: | Some people when they propose to lose weight feel confused and even a little lost in the complex world of food. But to orientate better, the first thing that has to be taken into account is the concept that one has on the feeding.

The most important thing is to remember that we feed because we need it; Food is the fuel that allows us to work, think, move, and do absolutely everything we do.

Second, yes, eating also gives us pleasure, especially when we enjoy the food that we like the most. Now, the complicated thing is to combine the need with the pleasure. Both in its right measure. So, if you have trouble detecting what those foods might be. You should take care of them a little more:

Regular soda:

You drink it without thinking and you lose sight of that every drop has calories, completely empty calories. If you give up this drink that adds absolutely nothing to your nutrition, you’ll be saving at least 6,000 calories per month.

Ice cream:

It’s hard to say no when they offer us ice cream for dessert, mainly because it is a “light” and misleading food, but turning the ice cream consumption into a habit of every night can cause weight gain. For more pleasure and effective weight loss, it is recommended that you save the ice cream for special days. Yoram Yasur Blume: “Of course you do not have to give up 100% to this delight, but you will see how much more enjoyment if you make your consumption more exceptional”.


With the excuse that wine is good for health, we sometimes forget to moderate ourselves with this drink and alcohol in general. Other stronger drinks can even be worse if you want to lose weight.

“If you reduce your alcohol consumption and you will see immediate results, besides feeling much better”.

Fast food:

The damage caused by fast food in the body is very considerable and this should be a sufficient reason to abandon it (at least for a while). If you do, you’ll save at least 8,000 calories per month of pure saturated fat and chemicals.


Coffee with milk should not disappear from any diet, but you should keep in mind that this alternative is not synonymous with water. Each serving of latte contains about 200 calories and if we exceed its consumption, it is likely to cause us to gain weight (like everything in excess). It is convenient to substitute sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia or syrup of maple and therefore save a lot of calories.

yoram yasur food-incompatibilities

Yoram Yasur Blume: Food incompatibilities

Yoram Yasur Blume | We must consider food incompatibilities. As we get older, many people with digestive problems notice improvement. When in their diet, they obviate certain combinations of foods. We can do this easily by changing some habits we have and replacing them with healthier ones. But the question is, should we all do the same?

And are there really any food incompatibilities? Food Incompatibilities:

Foods from very old have been mixed and are still mixed. There are some rules on food combinations that in some cases are right, and in others less. The professionals of different branches also do not agree on this topic and there is much literature that sometimes in the two options, is true.

They say, “Do not feed what we eat, but what we digest,” because slow, or heavy digestions alter the nutrients we take. Studies on dietary incompatibilities say that digestion can be improved by making the right combinations of foods.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Today we are concerned about the calories, composition, and quality of food, and to a lesser extent the compatibility of food. But what do we care more about? The calories, and a diet that considers what makes us fat or lose weight, or the nutrients they contain, and the compatibility of the foods we eat”.

We do not need to know and use the tables that exist in this regard, although they have their value and can help us, we can use the simplicity and moderation that nature offers us and take it to our table, thus a natural food, with few elements and little Quantity, is more digestible than another very abundant and complex.

Each type of food causes secretions of certain digestive enzymes in our body.

The digestion:

The digestion of food also depends on our cultural environment where we live. Thus, for example, the Chinese have milk intolerance or many countries in Africa do not. That is why there are migrants who have stomach problems because to this intolerance they have towards it and its derivatives, there are many products of our habitual consumption that contain them and take them in their diet.

“Everything we eat affects our intestinal flora, which facilitates our digestion. It has also been proven that those who have been vegetarians for periods of their life are more likely to show some incompatibilities or intolerances to meat or fish, which can lead to some intestinal discomfort”.

Our body has adapted to the territory where we live, so in the coldest areas of the earth, where they almost do not eat vegetables, their food is almost exclusively of animal origin, while those who live in the warm areas of the tropics, eat almost Only fruits, vegetables, and cereals, and eat very few foods of animal origin.

Nor do we all have the same regularity and digestive strength. We are the first ones to take care of ourselves, and we do this by listening and understanding our body. If our stomach or intestines make noise, they swell, we must react by changing our eating habits. If we have no discomfort, this tells us that we are probably on the right track.

Our digestive system is more prepared to eat natural foods, varying foods from different daily foods. Nature teaches us that there is not always everything. Food grows in different seasons and in those periods. When we must consume them, because they give us more energy and nutritional value is greater. So our body benefits from it. Some mixtures of some foods can affect digestion causing us, fermentations, bad digestions, flatulence, acidity and even some intoxication, these symptoms should alert us and control what food we eat and what we mix to correct it.

Incompatibilities and food compatibility:

While these same foods, taken alone or in combination with others, are good for good nutrition. That’s why it’s good to know some of the basic compatibilities between the foods we eat regularly. If we eat very fast, lots of it and salute little, it is easier for some food combination to be harder to digest. The solution is to chew more and eat less.

We always must eat a minimum number of different foods at each meal and chew them a lot. This will facilitate the digestion of its components.

Compatibilities must also be considered per the quantity we take of two specific foods. A small amount of two incompatible foods may not affect us and will not make digestion difficult for us.

It is important not to deceive us. It is best to avoid anything that carries something that we should not eat, and look for options and possibilities.

yoram yasur conjunctivitis

Yoram Yasur Blume: What is conjunctivitis?

Yoram Yasur Blume | What is conjunctivitis? You may have had this infection of the mucous membrane sometime in your life. It usually affects both eyes at the same time, and there are many causes why this occurs. Today we explain everything you need to know about conjunctivitis.

Causes of Conjunctivitis:

There are different types of conjunctivitis: bacteria coming from the skin or respiratory tract, or from another person can cause it. The virus, on the other hand, is associated with the common flu and is the most contagious of all. Conjunctivitis can also be produced by chlamydia, or even by an allergy like asthma, eczema or by a reaction to elements such as Tobacco smoke or chlorine from a pool.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis:

In general, conjunctivitis arises in both eyes, and we will feel a sandy sensation and irritation, in addition to releasing a sticky discharge.

“Even the eyes may be stuck in the morning and form crust. In some cases, it can affect the cornea, persisting for weeks and causing blurred vision”.

How to Treat Conjunctivitis

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually treated with antibiotics in the form of drops or ointments. We can also wipe the eyes with cotton soaked in cold boiled water”. It usually disappears in 5 days. Viral conjunctivitis does not have an effective treatment: you can use a lubricating ointment, cold compresses in the eyes, and maintain a strict hygiene. You can administer drops with corticosteroids under medical supervision.

In the case of chlamydia, we must use chlortetracycline ointment. Being a sexually transmitted infection, the important thing is to take care when having sex. Finally, if you are allergic you will be treated with antihistamine drops, which should be given for several weeks until the allergy disappears. Drops with corticosteroids may be useful under the supervision of a physician, although the main treatment should be for the allergy that produced the conjunctivitis.

Home remedies for conjunctivitis:

Chamomile: The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of chamomile make this herb an ideal remedy for alleviating eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, the appearance of styes, or swollen eyes. The best treatment is to prepare an infusion of chamomile; when it is cool, you need to wet a cotton disc and wash the eyes, gently swabbing the cotton.

Fennel: Another home remedy to treat conjunctivitis, as well as irritation of the eyes: perform an eye bath with fennel. Some fennel seeds are boiled. When the infusion is cold, the resulting liquid is filtered and this water is used to wash the affected eye. Then it is noticed how the itching, the inflammation and the red color are reduced.

Did you know what it is conjunctivitis? Have you ever had this infection? If you have any other trick or recommendation, do not hesitate to tell us.

yoram yasur omega-3

Yoram Yasur Blume: Let´s talk about Omega 3

Yoram Yasur RubinDid you know that there are fats that are healthy for our body and that per research are not usually included in our diet? One of them are polyunsaturated fats like Omega 3, also known as linolenic acid. There are innumerable benefits that can be obtained after consumption, from a correct functioning of the brain to control diseases such as Alzheimer’s or arthritis.

Omega 3 is a fatty acid impossible to be manufactured by our body, so it must be obtained from our food. Mainly we find it in the blue fish, like the salmon, the sardine, the trout, the mackerel, the anchoveta and the tuna.

Other alternatives in the plant world are flax and pumpkin seeds. Although the nuts contain Omega 3, their high contribution in Omega 6 does not make it so useful. To maintain a healthy balance, it is recommended to combine the seeds of nuts or other fruits rich in omega-3. Also, highlights the flax, in 100 g of this, we obtain up to 22 g of omega 3. The following foods complete the list:

  • The lettuce (Omega in its leaves)
  • The soy. (Seed)
  • Spinach (Plant)
  • Strawberries (Fruits)
  • Cucumber (Fruit)
  • Brussels sprouts (Leaves)
  • The cabbage (leaves)
  • Pineapples (Fruit)
  • Almonds (Seeds)

The Omega 3 in our body is important in the following processes:

  • The formation of cell membranes.
  • The formation of hormones.
  • The correct functioning of the immune system.
  • The correct formation of the retina.
  • The functioning of neurons and chemical transmissions.

Omega 3 or alpha linolenic acid (AAL) and its metabolites: the eicosapentanoic acid known as EPA and docosahexaenoic which is DHA fulfill an important vasodilatory and regulatory function of the walls of blood vessels. They play an important role in the development of the nervous system, regulation of blood pressure, the action of other hormones, some inflammatory reactions and certain defense mechanisms.

Take care of the heart: The benefit attributed to fish oil rich in omega 3, particularly EPA and DHA lies in the inflammatory and immune response as it is involved in the production of eicosanoids. All this helps prevent future heart attacks.

Omega 3 for children: Yoram Yasur Blume: “Experts focus on the importance of consumption of Omega 3, especially in children under five years. To those who benefit by providing adequate neurological and brain development. That is why currently milk highlights its high composition in DHA, a type of Omega 3, animal. In that sense, it has been shown that essential fats contribute to control the syndrome of dispersed attention in children, achieving a good academic performance, the contribution of these fatty acids benefit the brain that coordinates the functions of memory and reasoning.

In the elderly:

“A diet rich in omega-3 contributes to good mental health in the elderly, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory; It is also recommended for treatments against Alzheimer’s and arthritis”.

Good eye: Omega-3 is also important for vision, because it allows the brain to capture more quickly the images the subject is observing.

Action in the blood: It is known that the intake of linolenic acid also decreases levels of LDL cholesterol, which is harmful to our health, increasing good cholesterol, and counteracts triglycerides in the blood. It also helps prevent blood clots and controls blood pressure.

During pregnancy: It is very important that a pregnant woman consume foods with Omega 3. So that the fetus has adequate brain development. It is known that mothers who have incorporated a special amount of this fatty acid into their diet. Have had children with high learning ability and less vision problems.

yoram yasur signs-heart-not-working-well

Yoram Yasur Blume: Signs that your heart is not working as well as it should.

Yoram Yasur Blume | Heart problems do not always give us the necessary warnings so we can act accordingly. So, we have to be aware of these symptoms and signs that our heart is not working as well as it should …

1. Chest pain:

Of course, if the chest pain is very intense you will probably think that perhaps you have a problem with your heart. But the pains are not always so noticeable; something you feel like a simple muscle ache could be warning you of an underlying cardiovascular disease. The pain can be subtle, and sometimes spread to the shoulder, arm, neck or jaw.

2. Shortness of breath:

If suddenly climbing the stairs or running a few meters takes you breathless, it may be a sign that you have a problem in the heart. Respiratory problems that occur when you lie down can also be a warning sign.

3. Cold symptoms (which is not a cold):

“If you have these symptoms of a cold after some physical effort, consult your doctor, because feeling nauseous, fatigue or experiencing a cold and wet sweat can indicate an insufficient blood flow”.

4. Dizziness:

If you feel dizzy for no apparent reason, pay attention because it could be a problem in the heart valves, especially if the symptom is accompanied by palpitations.

5. Fatigue or insomnia:

Many people had symptoms of fatigue and insomnia a week before suffering a heart attack, so these are other symptoms that you should not miss without consulting your doctor, especially if they are combined with one or more of the above symptoms.

6. Arrhythmia or abnormal heartbeat:
Yoram Yasur Blume: “If you feel that your heart is beating too fast or slow, it is not that you are in love: it can be an indication of heart disease, or even a heart attack”.

7. Changes in everyday life:

If you suddenly find it difficult to do your everyday activities, or do other activities that are usually part of your routine, it may be a sign that there is a problem. For example, not being able of running to the car without getting tired, or lifting the groceries bags.

8. Swelling in the legs:

Swelling in the legs, ankles, calves and feet may be a sign of a problem related to pumping the heart. Although other factors have the potential to cause this condition (hormonal changes, excessive salt intake and some medications), ask your doctor to do a test to make sure that everything is right with your heart.

Before any of these strange symptoms that indicate that your heart may be in trouble, my best advice is to consult your doctor without delay. It’s better to prevent than to cure!

yoram yasur orange-benefits

Yoram Yasur Blume: Orange benefits

Yoram Yasur Blume | Oranges have multiple properties and health benefits. It is customary in many places in the world to drink a glass of orange juice as the first food.

Many of us, as children, was the first thing we asked for before anything else. Its sweet and aromatic taste is something that not only our palate.

But our body accepts with much pleasure, perhaps because the body, wise as always. Knows that it is one of the best forms of Start a day.

Properties of Oranges:

Oranges facilitate the removal of residual materials in the body, so it is ideal to start the day by cleaning the stomach, mouth bacteria and purifying blood and intestines. It is a very fruitful fruit to provide vitamins to the body and to invigorate and to freshen all the systems, since it is exceptionally rich in vitamins.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Oranges also have many medicinal virtues. Their flesh and juice are used to purify the blood, to correct anemia, to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the defenses to combat all infectious fevers such as smallpox, measles, syphilis, etc”. It is used to fight pimples and skin rashes, acne, ovarian tumors, to correct the malfunction of the bladder and kidneys, and even fade kidney stones if mixed with lemon juice and a special diet is made Base of these citrus. It is also an ideal remedy for all colds, pneumonia, cough, bronchitis, and infections of all kinds.

The ancient doctors used the orange to heal itself of all these sufferings and of many more that existed in those times. These healing practices have been gradually forgotten and displaced by new medicines and medical technology. But if we wanted to retake these ancestral cures based on herbs and fruits. We would find that orange is one of the privileged and most kind fruits, located in the first places at the medical level.

Drink orange juice:

“Fasting orange juice is excellent for children! Helps them eliminate phlegm and strengthen the airways. Taking a glass every morning vitalizes their glandular system and promotes healthy growth and development of all body functions”. If you add the juice of a lemon and are given every morning on an empty stomach. Children can detoxify their blood to such an extent that allergies disappear, itching from irritation, and any infection.

Besides that, orange is known to be a calcium carrier, helps them develop very favorably all their bones. Mothers in gestation can also benefit from this food. As the constant intake of oranges, either the juice or eaten to segments. Coupled with sunbathing directly to the belly. And exercise helps them to mineralize the fetus since this Develop very well all their systems. In fact, following the above can help to significantly reduce labor pains.

yoram yasur medicinal-honey

Yoram Yasur Blume: Medicinal honeys

Yoram Yasur Blume | Nature has the most noble, nutritious, and healthy way to sweeten all our dishes, desserts, and drinks. The medicinal properties of flowers and plants also serve to combat diseases and nourish our body while still enjoying the sweetness of life. If you are looking for a natural and healthy sweetener here we leave this list of honeys of plants. And the properties that gives each one. Always remember to consume organic honey to make its properties more accentuated!

Types of Honey and its Properties:

Honey of a Thousand Flowers (or bee honey): one of the best known, it is called a bee because this honey is extracted from the collection of the working bee, which collect the nectar of different flowers per the place and the time of the year.

This honey in its pure state has many medicinal properties among which it emphasizes its antimicrobial and antiseptic quality, ideal to prevent infections of the respiratory tract and catarrh, among many other things. The qualities of flower honey depend on the place and the flowers. Honey of flowers or bee can be used to sweeten everything you like, whether drinks, desserts, sweets, etc. This honey in addition to having properties very beneficial to health, is rich in vitamins like B, and is rich in calcium.

Honey of Azahar:

Possesses the properties of the orange blossom, which stands out for being a flower with sedative and soothing effects. Also recommended for tense, nervous people, before an examination, with gastritis, colitis, or anxiety. To benefit more of this honey, prepare a tea of lettuce and sweeten it with two tablespoons of orange blossom honey. Drink well before bed and warm in the morning and at noon.

Honey of Agave:

“With a long list of properties, it is anti-inflammatory, purifying, antiseptic, etc. It is ideal for treating cough problems, helps to lose weight since it has very low calories, combats constipation and is intestinal cleanser”. If you want to lose weight, drink fast daily with horehound or green tea, with half a lemon squeezed and sweetened with agave honey. Avoid eating refined or processed products, or with chemical additives to prevent your body from storing toxins. Agave honey is extracted from the agave plant, originally from Mexico.

Eucalyptus honey:

Excellent for treating everything related to respiratory conditions such as cough, phlegm, hoarseness, asthma, etc. It is a good ally to treat conditions of the urinary tract. To benefit from this honey, we recommend drinking a pineapple juice or pineapple in pieces, sweetened with this honey. If you have a lot of cold or respiratory problems put a day with pineapple juice with eucalyptus and lemon honey. You can also use grapes with seeds sweetened with honey, and you must eat the seeds that are great purifying.

Honey of Heather:

Heather is a little plant with a striking pink or violet flower, from which this honey is extracted. It is a honey rich in iron, with anti-inflammatory, digestive, calming properties, it has digestive, nervous and dermatological benefits. It is also good for treating anemia or for pregnant women because of its good iron content.

Also if you want to use this honey, use it to sweeten your smoothie in the morning. Yoram Yasur Blume: “To treat digestive problems, use papaya, water, a little flaxseed and sweeten with heather honey. You can also make applesauce with heather honey to treat diarrhea or colic. In case of anemia or for pregnant women. Prepare an apple juice with oats and chia, and sweeten it with heather honey. You will have a super nutritious breakfast and a cheerful stomach”.

Rosemary Honey:

Very good for treating liver problems. It has toning and stimulating properties in the body. It is recommended in cases of asthma, dry cough or phlegm, nervousness, hepatitis, etc. Use rosemary honey to sweeten chopped papaya, add raw oats and eat on an empty stomach, this serves to treat liver.

Honey of Lavender:

It is rich after eating, it is refreshing and with delicious sedative properties.

Dandelion honey:

Especially beneficial to treat diseases of the liver, helps to purify it. For this, prepare a dandelion infusion and sweeten it with this honey. Add a few drops of lemon and drink fasting daily. If you have problems with your liver, avoid meat and cow’s milk in all its forms. Your diet should be based on raw vegetables or steamed for a while.

yoram yasur facts-healthy-bones

Yoram Yasur Blume: Facts that every woman should know to have healthy bones

Yoram Yasur Blume | Many of us imagine that caring for the bones is a task that will touch us in the future. In fact, most of us remember that we are supported by bones only when you reach menopause. The truth is that as we get older our bones are becoming more vulnerable.

The hormonal changes that occur in our body generate more chances of suffering osteoporosis, fractures and other conditions. So it is very important to know your bones so that you can then better deal with the modifications that will be given in them later. Here are some things that you should know about your bones so that they stay healthy and strong.

#1 Your feedback is constant (up to 30):

The human body develops bone mass from birth until we are about 30 years old. For our 22nd birthday, 90% of bone mass has been developed and the rest will be completed around 30. Then bone mass is maintained and begins to deteriorate once women reach menopause. At this stage estrogen levels decrease, and bones deteriorate more quickly than the body is able to replenish.

This is the reason why menopausal women are more susceptible to osteopenia (decreased bone mass), which is the first phase of osteoporosis. Here is also the importance of creating a healthy habit to take care of the health of our bones. For example, doing physical exercise is highly recommended.

#2 Being overweight is not good for your bones:

Yoram Yasur Blume: “For a long time it was believed that having extra fat in the body helped reduce the risk of osteoporosis”. However, more recent studies suggest otherwise, especially if that fat is concentrated in the abdomen. In research, there is evidence linking premenopausal women with abdominal fat and a deficit in bone mineral density.

#3 Beware of overexertion:

The tibia is a long bone that lies in the anterior and inner part of the leg. If one day you exercise in a hurry or you push yourself too much you can generate an inflammation in the tendons, the tissue that covers the tibia and muscles (especially the muscles that surround the tibia). The result? A sharp pain in the leg that you will have to deal with anti-inflammatories, ice and plenty of rest.

#4 Hormones play a very important role

“During pregnancy women lose a certain amount of bone mass which they then recover. In this sense, specialists recommend spacing pregnancies since women who give birth twice a year are at greater risk of osteoporosis”. Then, during breastfeeding, women lose 5% of bone mass since the baby we breastfeed requires calcium that is removed from the mother’s bones. Another cause of bone loss may be low estrogen levels. During menopause estrogen levels are reduced considerably and a woman can lose up to 20% of her bone density in a period of 5 to 7 years.

In short, bones are literally the support of our body. That is why it is very important that they are healthy and strong, and to achieve it is always good to be informed.

yoram yasur drinks-balance-hormones

Yoram Yasur Blume: 3 drinks that will help you balance your hormones

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Hormonal changes affect us all from the moment we are born. However, as a woman approaches the age of 30, the changes are much more pronounced. And can cause problems such as weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, among others. In part, the contamination, toxins and xenoestrogens to which we are exposed cause the hormonal changes.

But, mainly they are due to the lifestyle and the diet that we carry. The good news is that if you are going through these alterations, taking certain natural drinks will help balance your hormones (because of the great impact they have on the endocrine system). Then we share 3 simple drinks to balance the hormones.

No.1 Hot water with lemon:

Because lemons are rich in vitamin C they help the liver to detoxify the body and improve insulin resistance by regulating hormones such as glucose and lepton. In addition, drinking hot water with lemon benefits the skin and boosts energy. Indications: take a large glass of hot lemon water at the start of the day. As a plus you can drink the juice of half a lemon without mixing it with the water.

No.2 Red raspberry leaf tea, Dong quai and nettle:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Both raspberry leaf and nettle can help you have better reproductive and bone health. For its part Dong quai, an ancient root, has been used in Chinese medicine to treat problems such as dysmenorrhea and painful menstrual periods”. That’s why when you put them together in a tea they have a powerful effect on the hormones. Indications: put a tea bag from each herb in a pitcher of hot water (to get a drink that combines its benefits). Have a cup (or two) in the afternoon.

No. 3 The golden milk:

“The combination of turmeric, coconut oil, coconut milk and some spices result in “golden milk”, an ideal drink to balance the hormones”. The turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps alleviate problems like endometriosis and amenorrhea.

Indications: first you have to cook in a pot. And on medium heat 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, ½ cup of turmeric powder. 1 cup of water and 1 ½ teaspoons of black pepper for 10 minutes. When the “golden” pasta is cold, store it in the refrigerator (lasts about 2 weeks).

To make the milk, heat 2 cups of coconut milk and 1 teaspoon of the “golden” paste, mixing until completely dissolved. Then add cinnamon, honey and maple syrup to taste. Drink it before bed.

As you can read, all drinks are simple to make, so you no longer have to suffer the effects of hormonal changes. Begin to take them from this moment.