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Yoram Yasur Blume: What is conjunctivitis?

Yoram Yasur Blume | What is conjunctivitis? You may have had this infection of the mucous membrane sometime in your life. It usually affects both eyes at the same time, and there are many causes why this occurs. Today we explain everything you need to know about conjunctivitis.

Causes of Conjunctivitis:

There are different types of conjunctivitis: bacteria coming from the skin or respiratory tract, or from another person can cause it. The virus, on the other hand, is associated with the common flu and is the most contagious of all. Conjunctivitis can also be produced by chlamydia, or even by an allergy like asthma, eczema or by a reaction to elements such as Tobacco smoke or chlorine from a pool.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis:

In general, conjunctivitis arises in both eyes, and we will feel a sandy sensation and irritation, in addition to releasing a sticky discharge.

“Even the eyes may be stuck in the morning and form crust. In some cases, it can affect the cornea, persisting for weeks and causing blurred vision”.

How to Treat Conjunctivitis

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually treated with antibiotics in the form of drops or ointments. We can also wipe the eyes with cotton soaked in cold boiled water”. It usually disappears in 5 days. Viral conjunctivitis does not have an effective treatment: you can use a lubricating ointment, cold compresses in the eyes, and maintain a strict hygiene. You can administer drops with corticosteroids under medical supervision.

In the case of chlamydia, we must use chlortetracycline ointment. Being a sexually transmitted infection, the important thing is to take care when having sex. Finally, if you are allergic you will be treated with antihistamine drops, which should be given for several weeks until the allergy disappears. Drops with corticosteroids may be useful under the supervision of a physician, although the main treatment should be for the allergy that produced the conjunctivitis.

Home remedies for conjunctivitis:

Chamomile: The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of chamomile make this herb an ideal remedy for alleviating eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, the appearance of styes, or swollen eyes. The best treatment is to prepare an infusion of chamomile; when it is cool, you need to wet a cotton disc and wash the eyes, gently swabbing the cotton.

Fennel: Another home remedy to treat conjunctivitis, as well as irritation of the eyes: perform an eye bath with fennel. Some fennel seeds are boiled. When the infusion is cold, the resulting liquid is filtered and this water is used to wash the affected eye. Then it is noticed how the itching, the inflammation and the red color are reduced.

Did you know what it is conjunctivitis? Have you ever had this infection? If you have any other trick or recommendation, do not hesitate to tell us.

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