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Yoram Yasur Blume: Orange benefits

Yoram Yasur Blume | Oranges have multiple properties and health benefits. It is customary in many places in the world to drink a glass of orange juice as the first food.

Many of us, as children, was the first thing we asked for before anything else. Its sweet and aromatic taste is something that not only our palate.

But our body accepts with much pleasure, perhaps because the body, wise as always. Knows that it is one of the best forms of Start a day.

Properties of Oranges:

Oranges facilitate the removal of residual materials in the body, so it is ideal to start the day by cleaning the stomach, mouth bacteria and purifying blood and intestines. It is a very fruitful fruit to provide vitamins to the body and to invigorate and to freshen all the systems, since it is exceptionally rich in vitamins.

Yoram Yasur Blume: “Oranges also have many medicinal virtues. Their flesh and juice are used to purify the blood, to correct anemia, to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the defenses to combat all infectious fevers such as smallpox, measles, syphilis, etc”. It is used to fight pimples and skin rashes, acne, ovarian tumors, to correct the malfunction of the bladder and kidneys, and even fade kidney stones if mixed with lemon juice and a special diet is made Base of these citrus. It is also an ideal remedy for all colds, pneumonia, cough, bronchitis, and infections of all kinds.

The ancient doctors used the orange to heal itself of all these sufferings and of many more that existed in those times. These healing practices have been gradually forgotten and displaced by new medicines and medical technology. But if we wanted to retake these ancestral cures based on herbs and fruits. We would find that orange is one of the privileged and most kind fruits, located in the first places at the medical level.

Drink orange juice:

“Fasting orange juice is excellent for children! Helps them eliminate phlegm and strengthen the airways. Taking a glass every morning vitalizes their glandular system and promotes healthy growth and development of all body functions”. If you add the juice of a lemon and are given every morning on an empty stomach. Children can detoxify their blood to such an extent that allergies disappear, itching from irritation, and any infection.

Besides that, orange is known to be a calcium carrier, helps them develop very favorably all their bones. Mothers in gestation can also benefit from this food. As the constant intake of oranges, either the juice or eaten to segments. Coupled with sunbathing directly to the belly. And exercise helps them to mineralize the fetus since this Develop very well all their systems. In fact, following the above can help to significantly reduce labor pains.

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