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Yoram Yasur Blume: Medicinal honeys

Yoram Yasur Blume | Nature has the most noble, nutritious, and healthy way to sweeten all our dishes, desserts, and drinks. The medicinal properties of flowers and plants also serve to combat diseases and nourish our body while still enjoying the sweetness of life. If you are looking for a natural and healthy sweetener here we leave this list of honeys of plants. And the properties that gives each one. Always remember to consume organic honey to make its properties more accentuated!

Types of Honey and its Properties:

Honey of a Thousand Flowers (or bee honey): one of the best known, it is called a bee because this honey is extracted from the collection of the working bee, which collect the nectar of different flowers per the place and the time of the year.

This honey in its pure state has many medicinal properties among which it emphasizes its antimicrobial and antiseptic quality, ideal to prevent infections of the respiratory tract and catarrh, among many other things. The qualities of flower honey depend on the place and the flowers. Honey of flowers or bee can be used to sweeten everything you like, whether drinks, desserts, sweets, etc. This honey in addition to having properties very beneficial to health, is rich in vitamins like B, and is rich in calcium.

Honey of Azahar:

Possesses the properties of the orange blossom, which stands out for being a flower with sedative and soothing effects. Also recommended for tense, nervous people, before an examination, with gastritis, colitis, or anxiety. To benefit more of this honey, prepare a tea of lettuce and sweeten it with two tablespoons of orange blossom honey. Drink well before bed and warm in the morning and at noon.

Honey of Agave:

“With a long list of properties, it is anti-inflammatory, purifying, antiseptic, etc. It is ideal for treating cough problems, helps to lose weight since it has very low calories, combats constipation and is intestinal cleanser”. If you want to lose weight, drink fast daily with horehound or green tea, with half a lemon squeezed and sweetened with agave honey. Avoid eating refined or processed products, or with chemical additives to prevent your body from storing toxins. Agave honey is extracted from the agave plant, originally from Mexico.

Eucalyptus honey:

Excellent for treating everything related to respiratory conditions such as cough, phlegm, hoarseness, asthma, etc. It is a good ally to treat conditions of the urinary tract. To benefit from this honey, we recommend drinking a pineapple juice or pineapple in pieces, sweetened with this honey. If you have a lot of cold or respiratory problems put a day with pineapple juice with eucalyptus and lemon honey. You can also use grapes with seeds sweetened with honey, and you must eat the seeds that are great purifying.

Honey of Heather:

Heather is a little plant with a striking pink or violet flower, from which this honey is extracted. It is a honey rich in iron, with anti-inflammatory, digestive, calming properties, it has digestive, nervous and dermatological benefits. It is also good for treating anemia or for pregnant women because of its good iron content.

Also if you want to use this honey, use it to sweeten your smoothie in the morning. Yoram Yasur Blume: “To treat digestive problems, use papaya, water, a little flaxseed and sweeten with heather honey. You can also make applesauce with heather honey to treat diarrhea or colic. In case of anemia or for pregnant women. Prepare an apple juice with oats and chia, and sweeten it with heather honey. You will have a super nutritious breakfast and a cheerful stomach”.

Rosemary Honey:

Very good for treating liver problems. It has toning and stimulating properties in the body. It is recommended in cases of asthma, dry cough or phlegm, nervousness, hepatitis, etc. Use rosemary honey to sweeten chopped papaya, add raw oats and eat on an empty stomach, this serves to treat liver.

Honey of Lavender:

It is rich after eating, it is refreshing and with delicious sedative properties.

Dandelion honey:

Especially beneficial to treat diseases of the liver, helps to purify it. For this, prepare a dandelion infusion and sweeten it with this honey. Add a few drops of lemon and drink fasting daily. If you have problems with your liver, avoid meat and cow’s milk in all its forms. Your diet should be based on raw vegetables or steamed for a while.

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